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Xerox Astronomy and the Nebulous Object-Image Archive.

2008. Mixed media kinetic installation with photocopier, mechanical lamps, cubicle, etc. 12' x 12' x 12'.

Xerox Astronomy and the Nebulous Object-Image Archive is a kinetic installation that places an office photocopier at the center of a mechanical model of the universe. In this particular universe, a series of desklamp-inspired arms orbit mechanically, maneuvering light sources above the bed of the copier in a fixed three dimensional pattern. The paths of the orbiting objects are continually documented, as photocopies are made throughout the course of the installation's exhibition. The resulting images that accumulate at the base of the copier suggest both of various forms of scientific vision (astrophotography, sonography, and crystallography) as well as and paranormal or hoax photography. The sculpture at once models the movements of distant bodies and presents itself as the the primary object of observation, creating a self-reflexive, self-imaging media production system. The installation is conceived as a composite space, incorporating materials and forms from the office, observatory, gallery, and studio, all spaces that traffic in the production, observation, and analysis of images.