Domestic Arrangements

the basic stages

the stars below

...a history of light

xerox astronomy


having in vain tried words, resorted to deeds

one ship encounters a series of notable exceptions

fantasie no. 1 for mobile pianos


sound performances


2003-2006. Public performance with modified piano, sound, electronics.

Myano is a public performance project, an ongoing collaboration between a human and a technologically enhanced upright piano. Myano is constantly on tour: Myano moves (read: human pushes piano) from site to site in search of publicly accessible electrical outlets where it can plug in, make noise, and move on. Periods of performance are followed by periods of research and experimentation, as the physical interface and functioning technology within the piano decays, evolves, and transforms. Myano maintains a physical record of its own evolution, as materials are never removed, simply added and adapted.

video and images: